Saturday, 2 February 2013

Mama has a Secret

Well, at 17 weeks in, I've decided to keep a log of the rest of my 2nd pregnancy! :)

We are thinking we'll be be thrilled and complete after these two kids, and it might be nice to look back on.
Perhaps it'll help someone curios about symptoms and general pregnancy stuff, as well!!
Since I tend to ramble on.. a lot.. these will be mostly done in video form, to save time, and keep me from stopping after one or two! :)
I hope to get better as they go on!

In this first video, taken last night I talk about my insane hormones, cravings and strange aversions, and symptoms I've had since 1st tri!!
Also some events coming up.
I will be dancing on a stage, midway during my pregnancy!! Yep.. :)
That's it for now, hope you enjoy my first mommy "vlog!"

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