Friday, 19 October 2012

Super Quick Refreshing Snack!

So, this afternoon I was busy catching up on some laundry/folding, and paper filing.. while my poor, sick lil' dude was napping off his cold.

I was in need of a quick easy lunch and was going to make a meaty and refreshing little sandwich..
But remembering we were out of bread, that wasn't going to work.. Haha
We go through ridiculous amounts of bread in our little family of 3..

Still wanting something super easy, meaty and refreshing.
I grabbed a flour tortilla and improvised something that sort of resembled sushi! Just no rice, or seafood.. It actually totally isn't like sushi at all!
But it reminded me of it anyway.. Haha

It only involves 4 ingredients!

*Flour Tortilla
*Cream Cheese
*Sandwich Meat Slices

All I did was:
• Microwave a tortilla for 15 seconds to keep it soft and supple.
• Spread on Cream Cheese (light if you'd prefer). I used good ole' regular Philly.
• Shred some Cucumber and sprinkle the cucumber shreds all over. I added quite a bit to my second one because it was nice and refreshing!
• Spread about 3 pieces of sandwich meat over the cucumber. I had Black Forest Ham.
• Roll it up, and cut into cute little bite sized pieces!! :)

I can't believe how yummy and easy this was! I'll definitely be whipping them up more often!
I made a roll for my husband too, when he came home from work. He agreed it was yummy and just what he needed!

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